Application of prefabricated terrazzo and terrazzo brick

Prefabricated terrazzo is cement as binder, together with natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powder, color, etc., by mixing ingredients, the use of Italian vacuum pressure technology blank, 12 straight polished Machine polishing, double-sided set thickness, four-side cutting edge made of multi-channel process to ensure product quality, product indicators are better than the national industry standards. With the advantages of comprehensive utilization of resources in environmental protection and energy saving can not be underestimated the role of the building materials is also worthy of the name of green products. Has become the preferred modern building facing materials.


In recent years, prefabricated terrazzo staircase in public buildings in the application of more and more widely. The main advantages are: First, the production factory: to ensure the quality and improve work efficiency, and conditional units can be to the professional development, to further improve the operation of technology and reduce costs. Second, on-site assembly: the construction of civilization fast, low labor intensity conditions, compared with the wet operation has obvious advantages.

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