Five – year forecast of terrazzo industry

Terrazzo floor outlook

Is one of the trends in terrazzo flooring that is currently in use by architects and designers in 2016. Terrazzo floors, countertops and wallboard materials are frequently used in residential and commercial projects with increasing frequency. Known as being one of the first “green” building materials, Terrazzo has a lot of benefits. These benefits include the low VOC content of the material, which helps to improve indoor air quality and its use of recycled materials, which helps reduce waste on the environment. The growing popularity of terrazzo features such as terrazzo’s high durability, ease of maintenance, stain resistance and individualized design have all been factors.

Blue and white epoxy terrazzo floor in the center of Freeman

As sustainable design is the focus of today’s architects, terrazzo is required for green products. And terrazzo celebrity residence and the famous landmark is more common, but this view has also changed. Compared to other floor types, it can be the more expensive terrazzo; however, there is now a common understanding that terrazzo is cost-effective for many years to choose. Terrazzo is affordable because it is relatively inexpensive to produce and requires less maintenance in the product life cycle. Now hospitals, schools, restaurants and restaurants have begun to transition to alternative terrazzo products like tiles, vinyl and carpets.

Forecast / Outlook

In these five years, terrazzo will continue to be a competitive product for architects and interior designers. Recent technological advances have enabled Terrazzo to develop a better way to install environmentally friendly terrazzo products and innovative designs that are sure to appeal to the business sector. Currently, buildings such as the University and the K-12 School Institution occupy most of the terrazzo projects. Schools can use terrazzo’s beautiful school logos to help cope with high traffic areas, helping to improve academic performance.

Over the five years, more architectural projects, including flooring, countertops, staircases or wallboards, and educational institutions are expected to make use of the more advanced digital terrazzo. Hospitals, airports and retail stores should see, as well as increase the amount of terrazzo installed. If stadiums, local cinemas and even your corporate offices start, the next five years combined with terrazzo do not be surprised. We believe it is an exciting moment for the terrazzo industry today and for the future.

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