HCS90 Cone Crusher
HCS90 Cone Crusher Introduction
The The HCS90 type cone crusher with high-efficiency and single cylinder hydraulic pressure  applies to metal mine , metallurgical, chemical , building, cement and sandstone industry etc. It can Apply to the middle and small broken bitsbreak materious of mines and iron ore with the Knoop number hardness f = mine 5-16's,such as sums rock, non-ferrous metal ore , granite , limestone , quartzite , sandrock , cobblestone etc.
HCS90 Cone Crusher Features and Benefits :
The HCS90 type cone crusher with high-efficiency and single cylinder hydraulic pressure is a kind of high-tech crusher to meet the requirements of developed is designed by our company who brings in the USA technology , and combines with the China metal material function.The characters of this mechine are as following:

1. High efficiency: the main axle  have support both on the high and low sides which can stand more stave strength and stroke.In addition to special stave cavity shape which adapts with the lamination principle, enables this machine has higher crushing efficiency.

2. High production: This machine is designed consummatly which combined the will break stroke , the broken speed and the feture of broken cavity ,so that under the same moving identical cone big end diameter condition ,the output is higher than the old-fashioned damaged spring cone output about 35% ~60%.

3. High-efficiency cobblestone: This machine adopts the proper broken cavity shape and broken principle of lamination , produces broken effect among particles,thereby increases the cube proportion of finished product obviously, decreases the needle schistose cobblestone, and the grade is more homogeneous.

4. It only needs to change the fix cone to meet the needs of various cavity middle and thin break .

5. Double assurances control the hydraulic pressure and lubricating system to ensure the overload protection and fine axle bearing lubricates.

6. Covenient maintenance: The structure this machine is simple but compact , which have a covenient maintenance.

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