Hollow brick and terrazzo brick machine stability and international standards

Hollow brick and terrazzo brick to abandon the original closed-end building template, pouring concrete without really can be achieved when the degree of self-compactness. In fact, the overall structure, ductility and seismic capacity to meet the strength of its demand, so as to avoid the greatest degree of brick and concrete structures and a variety of new non-pressure brick press and hydraulic brick machine equipment caused by quality problems, the project life is also called The structure of the housing greatly extended. Install the drive shaft should be in the base and drive shaft flange flange flange pad on the adjustment. After the drive shaft is mounted, check the dimensions associated with the drive gears using a pattern. The installation of the rack should be maintained strictly vertical and horizontal, in the base of the circular processing surface level and the hammer with the level of the center of the base, with the adjustment of the wedge to adjust the level of the base, the foot screw, A second paddle is performed.
With the foreign hollow brick machine in the main technical parameters, the host structure and hydraulic components, seals, electrical components on the selection, they have no big difference, but the brick machine performance, quality, reliability, process level, appearance, etc. There is still a certain gap, we should catch up with the level of foreign work we should do:
1, continue to study and improve the automatic hollow brick machine host structure, hydraulic brick machine system, electric control part, so that the characteristics of foreign products are common to the work of hydraulic institutions, the introduction of contemporary scientific and technological achievements, and gradually Perfect, the most important to the integration of mechanical and electrical high-tech equipment.
2, always pay attention to the latest technology of foreign hydraulic brick machine, timely digestion and absorption and innovation embodied in the domestic hydraulic brick machine, the domestic hydraulic brick machine to follow the scientific and technological progress and changes in market demand continuous improvement of products and develop new products.
3, the cost of consciousness to be improved, to ensure the reliability of hollow brick, advanced and fine premise, should pay attention to reduce manufacturing costs, so that the price of terrazzo brick machine is lower than foreign hydraulic brick machine to enhance market competition.

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