Introduction of various floor tiles

Introduction of various floor tiles
1, square brick: the natural stone processing into small size stone products (100 * 100mm square, side 100mm or 80mm hexagon and diamond, etc.), dedicated to pavement, garden roads and other outdoor ground. Its material, variety, color, origin and stone works is basically the same plate to granite-based. In the stone square brick industry, light-colored products are mostly (called the main color products), black and red tone see less (called color products). The use of color products generally use more high-end and luxury varieties.
2, the flat tile: the product by the polishing or fire treatment, widely used in a variety of outdoor environmental ground pavement, the most commonly used places are: landscape roads, community garden pavement, leisure and entertainment, building plaza, stations, terminals, parking Field and so on. Due to the gap between the cracks construction, with good slip resistance, and easy to keep clean, this natural material to enhance the quality and taste of the environment.


3, square brick: matte paving slabs: widely used in indoor and outdoor environment, pavement and wall decoration. The best range of products are: water sports venues, bathroom environment, commercial entertainment venues, require special indoor effect of the star hotel and home and so on.

4, Maopian paving tiles: the main hand-made system, in the product surface to fight a natural cross-section, chop ax stripe surface, such as lychee surface skin surface or pineapple skin surface effect. Granite-based material. The main products are paving stone (pavement for different sections of the landscape), corner stone and other rough surface of handmade stone, the thickness of natural, return to nature, durability, and to stone, stone step for the commonly used products. Long life, is a large iconic, historic, permanent building commonly used selection.


5, machine planing striped brick: the application of outdoor stone, in order to prevent slip and increase the three-dimensional effect, there are chop ax stone, machine planing stone, fire stone and other practices, but these traditional practices can not meet the increasingly high-end decorative building needs. Striped stone with its clear and smooth lines of the characteristics of modern urban construction adds a beautiful style.
6, bluestone paving stone: gray tone, with the garden green environment in harmony. The famous Suzhou garden is all made of calcium-based gray stone garden. Currently on the market to maintain the bluestone style at the same time, combined with the needs of modern gardens, the introduction of Qingshi Qin brick brick, , Drawing treatment. Processing and other processing products, for the construction unit and design staff selection.

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