Preparation of Environmentally Friendly Square Brick by Industrial Waste

China is a big country of coal production and consumption, the coal-fired fly ash and a large number of sulfur dioxide as a malignant pollutant, the accumulation of these industrial waste squeeze the land, affecting the local air dust content. The application of these wastes in environmental protection brick production, not only can make rational use of pollutants, but also effectively improve the ecological cycle of the road function. At present, the research and application of environmental protection bricks at home and abroad, although wide, but the market is still a single type of environmentally friendly bricks, and truly meet the environmental standards of environmental protection brick is also very few, but in raw materials to achieve environmental protection and can not be completely resolved Environment and the use of the process of problems. Environmental protection and cheap raw materials, brick structure can play a role in improving the ecological environment of green bricks has become an important international research and production of environmentally friendly bricks target. Environmental protection bricks in the world for about 70 years of history.
  The former Soviet Union set the standard when the Soviet Union 379-53 [1], already on the physical and mechanical properties of fly ash bricks and the use of such a clearly defined. In 1958 China has successfully developed autoclaved and non-autoclaved fly ash slag brick, in 1965 began to produce fly ash fired brick [2], the current domestic production of fly ash brick mainly autoclaved fly ash brick and sintering Fly ash brick, the product with large amount of ash, can save a lot of clay, and performance and clay brick or less. Due to the short history of domestic desulfurization gypsum [3], comprehensive utilization is also just started, at this stage of industrial waste such as gypsum and other industrial waste in only a few areas have been applied to the research and application of environmentally friendly bricks technology is not mature, and not yet The formation of industrialization, industrialization scale. With the rapid development of the social economy and industry, the industrial waste has increased sharply, which has brought great pressure to the urban environment and restricted the sustainable development of economy and industry. Desulphurization gypsum and fly ash are also the main solid waste pollution sources. Therefore, if the effective use of desulfurized gypsum and fly ash pavement made of environmentally friendly bricks [4], not only in response to the national sustainable development strategies to reduce the environmental pollution of these wastes, and can effectively avoid the "secondary pollution" To achieve national waste into the advocate. At the same time, the green brick made from these raw materials can greatly reduce the cost while achieving the product standard.

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