Research and development permeable terrazzo tile equipment

Permeable brick is to carry out national requirements, the sponge city construction, can largely solve the problem of urban drainage waterlogging, relative to the construction of large-scale underground pipeline network, in the floor tiles, and on the ground to work harder to play better effect. In this context, Zhengzhou City Jinshan machinery to develop a new type of urban pervious brick equipment, not only to the production of fully automatic water permeable bricks to form a production line, and the realization of pervious brick shaped, different types, different specifications of production, can achieve 300 * 300,400 * 400,500 * 500 of the various specifications of production.


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This permeable brick and ordinary bricks from the weight and size does not differ, but the overall permeability of the bricks is a small particle composition. Yan Guoqiang explained, do not underestimate these one small particles, their aggregation is also the result of hundreds of experiments before they finally gathered together, but also to build a sponge, This permeability, abrasion resistance, frost resistance are extremely high requirements. If only water seepage and can not achieve other properties, it lost its significance.
As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, permeable bricks in the bottom before the laying of a pervious to the laying of mortar material, but also to water cushion, permeable road along the stone, “Yan Guoqiang said that only such a supporting the whole to the whole To play in the dry and dry conditions to release the water storage and use, so that the migration of water in the city more “natural”, not before the sewer and other “gray facilities.” It is understood that the State Council issued in 2015 “The guidance on advancing the sponge city construction”, “permeable brick” to become the country to promote a new type of ecological building materials.Perfect pavement permeable system in sufficient rainfall to complete the road surface water excretion and retention, to the city drainage system burden; In the sun, the road surface heat efficiency increases when the distribution of water vapor, to the road cool, but also with the city’s water system connected to the final formation of a complete urban groundwater system.Then the permeable bricks and sponge city construction and what are the direct relationship? This problem, Qilu network reporter interviewed the Jinan University School of Materials Professor, PhD supervisor Wang Qi, he said, pervious brick is a sponge city construction one of the key materials, it is to ensure that all types of pedestrian roads, plazas in the national standard construction and transformation The construction of pervious brick construction can realize the goal of not waterlogging in heavy rainstorm, and give full play to the absorption, infiltration and slow release of the rainwater by squares, roads and greenbelt, water system and so on, and effectively control the rainwater runoff, Natural accumulation, natural infiltration, natural purification of urban development.It is for this reason, the state should promote the sponge city construction, restoration of urban water ecology, conservation of water resources, and enhance urban waterlogging capacity, and permeable bricks and other sponge building materials Application and health will sponge the city’s development play a strong supporting role.

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