Safety operation rules for pre - products of terrazzo workshop

First, the boot before the preparation:
1, check the terrazzo brick brick loosening of the various parts of the bolt, the feeder is intact, abrasive is normal;
2, carefully check whether the lack of oil lubrication system;
3, carefully check the conveyor belt is intact;
4, the protective shield must be complete and reliable, motor shroud must be safe and effective.

Second, open the shutdown sequence:
1, the boot process operation: first open mixing pot, stir until sufficient material and then open the conveyor belt, and then open the brick;
2, shutdown process operation: first stop stirring pot, until the material unloading net, and then stop the conveyor belt, brick machine.

Third, the normal operation and inspection Maintenance:
1, the boot must notify the relevant positions, after detailed inspection and confirm the boot conditions and ensure safety can only boot;
2, running to carefully observe the operation, the occurrence of abnormal phenomena or sound to immediately shut down and cut off the power to check;
3, running, clean, the drive around is strictly prohibited near.

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