Terrazzo permeable bricks and ecological permeability of the new brick

Sponges city with permeable concrete products
"State Council to further promote the construction of urbanization new" (Guo Fa [2016] No. 8) and "the State Council for the Promotion of guidelines sponge urban construction" (Guo Ban Fa [2015] No. 75), proposed the construction of sponges best city should adhere to the priorities of conservation, ecology-oriented, natural circulation, local conditions, to promote the principles of coordination, to minimize the impact of urban development and construction of natural and ecological environment.

1, eco-permeable bricks color - new products pervious concrete.

◆ permeable concrete blocks known as porous concrete blocks. Defects of pavements of urban roads, developed using a let flow of rainwater into the ground, recharging effective groundwater, can effectively eliminate pollution grease on the ground, protect the natural environment and ecological conservation, mitigation effect urban heat island of good pavement material, favorable environment for human survival in the management of stormwater and urban water pollution prevention and control, has a special significance. Because concrete permeable brick in rich colors, the design can be cast in opposition to the individual requirements of different environments and decor.

◆ colored concrete bricks made of cement concrete permeable special aggregates (stones), inorganic pigments, additives, water. Gravel is a leading material from pervious concrete, gravel particle size range of 2.5-5.0mm.

◆ strict control of raw materials is a mixture of high quality, high standards of process manufacturing permeable concrete paving brick breaker.

◆ permeable brick colored concrete thickness is 8-10cm. mainly used in sidewalks, streets, car parks, gardens and trails and other countries. Depending on the route, the requirements of the permeable brick thickness change. For sidewalks, non-motorized vehicles, a thickness of not less than 8cm, parking lots, squares, thickness not less than 10 cm. Taking into account construction costs, products can be divided into two layers, the surface layer is a layer of pervious concrete color, thickness not less than 1 cm layer under layer of permeable concrete simple.

JS-800 Terrazzo Tile Press

JS-800 Terrazzo tile press

2, ecological slope protection brick

◆ brick slope ecological protection is a type of installation manual, applicable to the impact of small and medium flow, the new chain to protect material precast concrete slope protection berm eroded soil water. Due to the unique design closure, each brick by brick 6 produces super combined so that the whole system has good stability under the action of the water slope. Meanwhile, the growth of vegetation in brick holes and cracks between the blocks, durability and stability of the slope protection system will be further improved, on the other hand played vegetation growth, beautify the environment.

In recent years, interlocking bricks are widely used to control slope, river banks, embankments, flood protection works and slope protection for urban reconstruction project in the Nile River.
◆ the use of ecological slope protection brick repression shock. double fabric, the surface layer can be formulated in accordance with the requirements of design and engineering requirements.



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