The advantages of terrazzo tiles

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Terrazzo tile flooring is widely used in public buildings such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls and other places, they are widely used terrazzo floor tiles. Terrazzo tile because of low price, its good performance, it has been recognized by many customers. Terrazzo tile priorities
1, terrazzo floor tiles highlight the brightness of the light table 70 above processing, to achieve quality marble powder skid.
2, terrazzo tile surface hardness 6-8, granite near surface high hardness, good wear resistance.
3, terrazzo mosaic floor tiles can easily color, colors can be formulated upon request.
4, terrazzo floor tile does not crack, not afraid of heavy trucks grinding mill, not afraid of heavy mesh, no shrinkage.
5, terrazzo floor tile can not afford to dust, clean and high purity to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical, chip manufacturers high clean environment.
6, terrazzo floor tiles non-flammable, non-angry, anti-aging, anti-fouling, corrosion resistance, no odor, no pollution.
7, colorful terrazzo floor tiles and clean, bright improve hit ordinary floor wax (not affect its anti-static).
8, terrazzo floor tile decoration stars peaceful rifle vertical and horizontal gap, between the strips without connecting cells thick, the overall appearance is good.
9, high quality terrazzo terrazzo floor tiles and construction and mechanical properties of various buildings used for the same, in accordance with the national standard GB50209-2002 requirements, compliance with building standards JC507-1993 Terrazzo products.

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