The artistic sense of fair - faced concrete

From Le Corbusier (Le Corbusier) with raw concrete exposed to show the rough beauty, to the water concrete poet Ando Tadao will be the original heavy, rough surface texture of the concrete, to create a delicate and delicate texture, showing a dense, almost Homogeneous texture, so that people gradually get rid of the concrete cold, blunt, non-human criticism, and cause more and more interest in the architect. With stone, wood and other natural materials from natural, like the imprint of time in the concrete also left a deep and shallow traces of the years. Fresh concrete surface such as skin-like breathing holes, bubbles, creating a sense of life growth. As a result, it has been found that more and more concrete decorative elements in the application of the design of the interior design Yang Yi, Dai Xiangdong, Huang Yanli, Zhang Yanhong Abstract: Since the 20th century, since the 1920s, concrete building has caused people's Attention, and there are many outstanding works of architecture vividly in front of the world. Clear water concrete has been the architects to play with the taste, but its application in interior design has not been the attention it deserves. From the point of construction of the fair-faced concrete in the building, the key points of design of the fair-faced concrete in the interior design are discussed from the aspects of space, function, texture and related technology, according to the relevant requirements and characteristics of the interior design and construction. The construction procedure and construction requirements of cast-in-situ concrete and precast concrete in the interior decoration are expounded respectively, and several follow-up protective measures should be paid attention to after the completion of the construction of the fair-faced concrete. When I look at the concrete, it is also looking at me. Even today, fair-faced concrete is still a challenge to many architects. China's water concrete technology late, large-scale construction of concrete buildings are rare, Lenovo Group R & D base is "China's first large concrete buildings," Xie Qiang, said his former designer is in the book, only In-person practice, only really appreciate the kind of water from the inside out of the concrete exudes charm.

Its general feeling of skin people have the desire to touch, even in the subtle feel the breath of its pores, it is full of spiritual affinity is not comparable to any other building materials. At the same time, architects and designers are experimenting with the performance of fair-faced concrete, such as Dafna Arnon, a woman architect who believes that architectural properties derive from space, light, indoor and outdoor connections, and details. Design, some small elements such as furniture, works of art with concrete, color, wood, light, landscape penetration to every corner of the house and change with the seasons. She believes that the building is not only its appearance, but also the building itself. Residential facades are both unique and spectacular, and while bare concrete gives a sense of alienation, she manages to create a warm, private atmosphere in her home. However, this exposure is still derived from the building itself, while the interior design is the second time within the building modification and molding, so the concrete in the interior design as a material and element applications, from design to construction there are Some differences. Material is the continuous discovery and use of natural objects, and become the basis for the design and production of various objects. The author of the traditional materials in the application of concrete in the interior has been of great interest. The author, through the practice of interior decoration design and construction case, combined with the construction of concrete in the specification requirements and acceptance criteria, from the design points, construction procedures, follow-up protection and other aspects of the concrete elements in the interior design of the application method.

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